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Moving on from Job Heartbreaks

I ought to have published this article two months ago but I had to focus on my final year exams and project write-up deadlines. It was a taxing period for me but I’m glad that it’s over. If you read the last post then you would understand that this is a continuation. In life, sometimes plans do not work out, however, we should never fail to bring out the vital lessons no matter how little they can be. In this article, I would be sharing four lessons I was able to learn from the whole process.

1. Apply in bulk.
Applying for job positions to numerous companies at the same time or within a period is highly recommended. Most especially for people who are just new in job hunting. It helps you improve and learn. Highlight the type of job you want or the type of job that suits your skillsets and submit your application for numerous companies offering the same position.

Applying in bulk puts you at an advantage because numerous people are applying for the same position as you. Sadly, hiring managers hardly have time to spend on your application that’s why your application has to stand out. They would only spend seconds on your application, so make these seconds count.

Another advantage of applying in bulk is that you can maximize your waiting period. The hiring process of a company can last for weeks or months, you wouldn’t want to spend all that time waiting for just one company to get back to you.

2. Give your all.
When applying for a job position, give your all. Ensure that you put your best foot forward and keep getting better. The job-hunting process is a learning process. You fall, you learn, you rise till you win.

To chip this in, I know that money is a necessity however, there are times when you have to take your mind off the pay so that you can get the necessary training you need. If you get an opportunity that would upscale your career in the long run but it is an unpaid one, you should go for it.

3. Fortify your mental strength.
Job search is not for the weak and faint-hearted. The job-hunting process can be depressing and you do not want to end up being depressed after putting so much effort into your application. Consider each rejection as an opportunity to improve your self-awareness and ability to bounce back and deal with disappointment. It is not easy to keep trying yet to get rejection emails. Hence, the need to fortify your mental strength.

Overcoming challenges along your career path will improve your chances of landing the perfect job. Ensure to remain positive and learn as much as you can from the experience to assist you to prep

4. Understand that rejections are normal and move on.
In fortifying your mental strength, you need to understand that rejections are pretty normal. It is part of the process. Analyze the potential for rejection when applying to job positions, you can start preparing yourself in advance for the possibility of not being hired.

Also, ensure that you note your mistakes and improve on yourself. You have to keep learning and improving on yourself and your portfolio. Stay with the process and you will win.



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