Adventures Of A Petrified Writer: My Reflection

Ever since I published the first article of this series, I went through a period of fear, confusion, and self-doubt. A mentor read the first article and encouraged me to work towards publishing monthly. He told me stories of renowned writers, including the story of how Chimamanda Adichie started writing.

My motivation was short-lived the moment I realized that I had no content. I was petrified as I had not decided on the kind of article to publish.

In December 2020, I decided to write on the year's achievements and publish(At last, Content!). I had beautiful ideas in my head, but it ended in my drafts.

One of the things I realized was that I spent too much time thinking about what could go wrong instead of writing. Often, things are not always as bad as we think they are.

I read lots of PDFs on content development and took courses on them. But I realized that I wasted four months "learning" after publishing my first article.

My advice to you reading this article is that you shouldn't waste all the time learning. Learning also involves doing. I took my advice, applied for internships, and got shortlisted. Taking that step alone has taught me things that I probably wouldn't have learned if I stayed back to read all the articles on content development in the world. ( I don't plan to do that😅).

I’m grateful for the little things I’ve learned within this short space. Growth has always been a goal.

As the year unfolds, I would be publishing articles around lifestyle and book reviews.
There you have it! My reflection. Where’s yours?



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